Employment and Labour Laws

Kimara Advocates & Consultants is aware that employment, labor and benefits issues are complex and challenging for every business — more so when operations cross borders and cultures as part of a multinational presence. Steering safely through complicated laws and regulations in home markets and abroad is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Our lawyers with solid background in Labour matters and practice provide seamless and integrated advice from recruitment to retirement, to help clients anticipate and avoid problems, as well as deal effectively and sensitively with collective bargaining and workers’ trade union issues. We are especially well-suited to facilitate the movement of people and work around the globe — from executive transfers to outsourcings as well as the implementation of global reorganizations with a specific bias on migration to Uganda at all levels of employments. Our practice also features a package training programs to clients, especially on key executives and selected employees to understand their legal obligations. (See more about this in our Training link).

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